The most faithful Stargate in the world!


Swiss association leading the "Project SG 1:1" which aims to reproduce the Stargate
following the model of the TV series Stargate SG-1.

Display it at your own event!

Whether for a public or private event,
our team would be eager to make it available for all to enjoy.

Do note that moving the Stargate comes with certain costs,
especially for its transport, on-site rental of lifting equipment, the accompanying volunteers, etc.
However, we are committed to working with you to reduce these expenses as much as possible.

Upcoming Events

No events scheduled

Want to see the Gate close to your home? Do not hesitate to get in touch with local event organizers to tell them about us!


Make it spin! Spinning is so much cooler than not spinning.

Although there's still a lot of work to be done, especially on the motorized elements,
here are the main components that make up the Stargate:

Most notably, we are working on the rotating ring of constellations, attaching all the panels and chevrons, as well as implementing the Gate's electrical and computer systems (sound, lighting, rotation, etc.). And last but not least, the lifting process.

Come and help us build it

We regularly meet at our workshop in Saint-Nicolas-la-Chapelle, Savoy, France. If you're handy with a screwdriver (not the sonic kind!),
know your way around embedded computer systems or think of another way to help, come chat with us on Discord. Or you could just subscribe to our newsletter !

Parce que travailler avec Les Enfants de MacGyver c’est aussi partager de joyeux moments de convivialité… 


During workshops, we usually stream our progress on Twitch and YouTube:

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A huge thank you to all our current and past supporters in this adventure.

Association Art et Culture en Arly / Stargate fan groups and associations / Atelier Kikapami / Eaglesg / FNACA de Flumet / Hervé & Jérome REY / IBREC / Mairie de Flumet / NOO factory / Pub Pizzeria Le Shamrock / Ressourcerie du Val d’Arly / SceneNC / Vacances Nature Montagne / Wagon Bertrand / …
And not forgetting all the volunteers who have contributed.

Our deepest apologies to anyone we may have overlooked.

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